Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us at sales@enduroscope.com or call us at 614-839-5861.

Q. How do I clean my scope?

A. Use a soft non abrasive cloth and window cleaning solution to wipe the outside of the tube and lens.


Q. How do I clean the inside of my scope?

A. Remove the lens from the tube. Place a soft non-abrasive cloth on the end of a broom handle, spray cloth with window cleaning solution and push cloth up thru the tube. Remove the cloth and repeat as required. Replace lens after wiping with cloth.


Q. If my scope is heavily soiled, how do I clean it?

A. Wash with dish soap and water to remove the dirt and silt. Then clean with a soft cloth and window cleaning solution as reviewed above.


Q. My lens is scratched, what can I do?

A. The lens on all EndurOscope products are replaceable. Order an ES1X for a standard lens or an ES2X for a magnifying lens.


Q. When I reattached my lens to the scope, how tight should it be?

A. Screw the lens on until the rubber gasket touches the end of the scope and a slight resistance is felt. Seat the gasket by turning the lens an additional 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch.